Instagram Community Guidelines:

We actively encourage feedback and comments on our Instagram posts and ‘Stories’.

However, comments must not:

• Be shared with anyone under the legal purchasing age (LPA);

• Promote excessive or irresponsible drinking of alcoholic beverages;

• Be obscene or otherwise offensive, objectionable, vulgar, abusive, threatening, harassing, sexist or racist;

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• Promote or incite violent, dangerous or antisocial behaviour;

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• Contain spam or cause technical disruptions to this page.

HEINEKEN reserves the right to remove and/or report any material at its sole discretion, and without prior notification, that does not meet its standards, is not appropriate or eligible or does not comply with these House Rules; however HEINEKEN is not liable for any failure or delay in removing such material. HEINEKEN does not endorse any opinions that are not posted by the company across Instagram. However, we’d love for you to share your content and express your opinions. HEINEKEN is not required to pre-screen any material that is posted by users on Instagram. We strongly encourage followers of this page to respect fellow community members and to follow Instagram’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.