City of Strawberries - BUCHAREST

For our Red Berries Remix, follow us to Bucharest, the bustling capital of Romania! Strongbow has joined forces with a group of green-spirited friends, kickstarting one of our funniest Nature Remixes to date. First we built a grassy-green bird as high as an apple tree to catch people's’ attention. Then we invited Bucharestians to partner up with their city’s birds to help spread strawberry plants all over town, spreading our message in the process: Let’s have fun remixing nature into our cities!


Our Red Berries Act brought together a passionate bunch of people who are especially committed to making Bucharestians more aware of nature in their city. Let’s get to know them a little better:


“I’m a human being, a hedonist I think. I just enjoy life, and I do stuff that I like. The strawberry is a beautiful symbol. At first people thought that spreading around strawberries via birds was a crazy thing, but then, making the connection between the birds and the strawberries and our nature, and our lives, and our future: they just realized that this was a great idea. People now connect the dots. Let’s not take the green in our cities for granted; it’s not only for decoration, it's good for our lives, for the air, for the ecosystem, for breathing.”


“I am very passionate about nature and wildlife photography and that's why I like birds. Some of the species have become really accustomed to living in the urban habitat. We have more than 100 species of birds in Bucharest, you just need to get your eyes off the telephone and look up and see the birds. I think it’s a very good idea to make people aware that birds are really a help to us, because they eat insects that we don’t need in the city -mosquitoes especially - and on the other hand some birds eat fruit and spread seeds of fruits that we need.”


“If you don’t understand that you're part of nature, you cannot involve yourself. Green Revolution believes that change is easier to accept by creating positive experiences. In Roaba de Cultura we invite people to lay in the grass, to listen to music and see movies in nature. I’m curious to see what it will look like to spread strawberries all over the city. Not only because of the beautiful strawberry or red fruit flowers; I’m very curious to see who will eat the strawberries, either the people or the birds. It’s an interesting initiative.”

Group picture


The Bucharest Red Berries Nature Remix turned out to be one of the craziest urban acts that Strongbow has taken part in. Go ahead and share some of these fun clips and pics: