Apple rivers, grass roads, giant cats made of apples, trees replacing streetlights...they say dreaming is for dreamers, but we dare to disagree. We decided to instead believe in the imaginations of those who can still dream of a world where we can bring nature back into the city. Strongbow decided to make this dream come to life. Follow Mary and Monsieur Plant as they pimp nature into every corner. Witness one dream wilder than the other, as they invite the city people to surf on an apple river and skate on boards made of bark.


Meet Mary and Monsieur Plant and their Nature Dream.


Mary and Monsieur Plant are two sides of the same wish in their everlasting quest to reclaim green spaces in the cities. One is an accomplished artist with a deep love for gardening. The mastermind behind Swale, a floating orchard that will roam the Manhattan waters trying to bring a spark of nature back to the Big Apple. The other, Monsieur Plant, is a passionate aesthete of the plant world and green visionary whose work aims to revolutionise the way we interact with products. We took a trip in the mind of these two visionaries to imagine what would happen if nature came back to the cities. And they gave us their Nature Dream.


Mary Mattingly is an artist who builds ecosystems and mobile environments. An avid gardener, she began creating interdependent living systems as a way to reimagine public areas, the place where we’ll spend our present and future. One of her most famous projects is Swale, a floating orchard that will bring the spark of nature back to New York. “What if free healthy food is a public service and not an expensive commodity?” asks Mattingly in her video about Swale, “That’s the question we really want to ask with this mobile structure.”


French artist Christophe Guinet, best known as Monsieur Plant, is a passionate aesthete of the plant world and green visionary. His work aims to revolutionize the way we interact with products. Having spent his entire life between towns and the countryside, he likes to mix elements from both worlds to create something completely new, like a skateboard made of tree bark. He likes to “Go back to the source: man is spiritually and artistically nourished by nature.” His projects inspire you to rediscover beauty in nature and learn to appreciate again the energy it gives to everything.

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