In Lisbon, Strongbow joined forces with urban artist Bordalo II. We introduced him to the city’s guerrilla beekeepers and urban farmers, kick-starting our Honey Nature Remix movement in Lisbon. A giant urban bee sculpture was created in support and honour of the city’s hardworking bees. At its feet we gathered thousands of flowers which were later spread all over town, giving back some natural beauty to Lisbon’s urban bees. Join the movement!


Our Lisbon Honey Nature Remix Act brought together these awesome people who all, in their own unique way, help Lisbon’s bees survive challenging urban circumstances.

José Alcides Figueiredo Martins - Urban Beekeeper

Bees are the most generous creatures, without taking anything in return. I have two beehives at home. I think it’s unfortunate that our city doesn't allow beekeepers to exist in urban areas anymore. Who instead will pollinate Lisbon’s urban gardens? Now urban beekeepers must hide their hives on rooftops for instance. Let’s help the bees and plant lots of flowers, even if you only have a balcony. And if you have enough space; bees love the blossom of apple trees too.”

Paulo Pereira & Indira Andrade - Urban Farmers, Founders of EcoCenter

“The people of Lisbon love to grow their own flowers, vegetables and fruits. In between the huge suburban flats and apartment buildings of Lisbon, you’ll find the lucky few gardening in the sparse community gardens of our city. There’s just not enough space for every gardening enthusiast. So the waiting lists for Lisbon’s community gardens are incredibly long. We believe that the solution lies on the balconies and rooftops of Lisbon. That’s why we started EcoCenter.”

“People in the city don’t grow much on their balconies, because it’s difficult to maintain gardens there: lack of space, high costs and irrigation were the challenges. So we started to design simple solutions for vertical gardening and really low cost irrigation systems. The first prototypes were from used plastic bottles. Now we 3D-print our own energy efficient parts for water circulation. It’s amazing to see our ideas work! Especially when we welcome the first bees to our rooftop flowers!”

Group picture


Nothing so rewarding as sharing a Strongbow Honey with the amazing people who helped us do our Honey Nature Remix in their awesome city by supporting Lisbon’s hard working little friends, the bees! Take a look: